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Angelina Fiber

We loved Angelina heat fusible fibers so much we had to buy tons. Angelina is great for fiber art, embellishment, fly tying and scrap booking, in fact we loved them so much we now have 13 colors to choose from in 1/2 ounce packages at $4.50 each. Angelina fibers bond only to each other when heated on the synthetic setting, as well as to the bottom of your iron so be sure to use a cloth. Luminescent, opalescent, iridescent Angelina fiber in your project can make northern lights dance, water look like water, and gossamer dragon fly wings.



angelina fiber





Pink Tickle

angelina fiber




Raspberry sparkle
angelina fiber





angelina fiber


angelina fiber



Violette Crystalina

angelina fiber




Aurora Crystalina

angelina fiber


angelina fiber

Mint Sparkle

angelina fiber


Blaze Crystalina

angelina fiber

Forest Blaze

angelina fiber

Blue Magic

angelina fiber


Lemon Sparkle

angelina fiber


Moose wall quilt using Angelina fibers for Northern lights





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