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Life with Linda



Ode to Grandmother


Our book Montana Star Quilts tells the history of morning star quilts.

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Life With Linda

I love what I do and I love it even more when youare touched by work. Og course there is more to my life then fiber art. I became a wild land fire fighter the summer of 2000, when my youngest graduated from high school, this is not a job for old people, but I loved every minute of it as well, even the mornings without coffee. There was the stint as an emergency fire fighter at DNRC, the forest service and a few private contractors. There were a few really intense fires, such as Canyon Ferry Complex in 2000, Rex Creek in 2001, Cannon Fire 2002, Sheep Camp in 2003 and the Space Shuttle Recovery in Corsicana, Texas 2003. I had hoped to spend one more summer as a firefighter but became a therapeutic foster parent for my grandson instead. My grandson is a story unto himself for another time.

The vitae covers all the important quilt related events in my life, but there are all those millions of other little things that bring us to where we are. Now in 2011/12 I am doing a blog with some how to tutorials. Paying too much attention to politics, and reading science books.



Late 80's star wall hangings.

Work in progress on the snow boarder quilt, my children loved snowboarding, me I like to be warm.



Book signing, Havre Montana Kaleidoscope quilt in background.

Linda, wild land fire fighter 2000.

Photo published in "The Western News" 8/23/00, Libby, MT.


Deer in the back yard of my old house.




My life has been taken over by a boxer dog who goes by the name of Lulu, and of course she must be interested in sewing?

Below is a link to the story on my blog.

Lulu's sewing day

Lava flowing to the ocean Hawaii


Green Sea Turtle, Hawaii

The green sea turtles, the moon and the warm sea air inspired my quilts for months on end.



The moon was almost full on Maui after an over night hike into Haleakala Crater. I have never seen the universe so crystal clear, as it was in Haleakala, I felt as if I could reach out and touch it.

My mom learning to make confetti on the quilting machine.





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