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I hope you enjoy looking at all of the wonderful quilts, bags, bowls and whatever sewable item strikes my fancy on any given day. I create only one piece at a time, which means you, the end user has something uniquely your own. In this day of mass production I believes it is important to be able to find that one piece of affordable art just for you!

All work is produced in a smoke free pet friendly environment, one little Ginger boxer dog lives here, she rules the roost. It is a small house, so getting gallery quality photos is not always possible.

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On display at the #StaggeringOx in Helena

Not everything I make is a piece of art, but everything I make is the only one of its kind. I rescued a few tons of vintage fabric made in the USA, odd sized pieces, from very small to very large. I like the process of using vintage fabric mixed in with new for unique looks and textures. Part of the fun for me is no matter how much I like a piece when it is done, I can't make another just like it in the same color, there is no more fabric just like it.


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