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Montana Star Quilts

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Montana Star Quilts
by Linda Parker

fiber artist


Price:  $36.95
S&H:  $5.00 USA

16.10 to Canada
Code:  MSQ


Montana Star Quilts is an authoritative book of Native American Star quilts. A century ago, Native American Plains Indians recorded their lives and achievements on painted buffalo robes.  Today, the morning Star Quilt is its contemporary equivalent, an object of both honor and function in every-day Indian spiritual life. The morning star design gained acceptance due to its similarity to the Sacred Circle -- representing life's continuous circle. For many Northern Plains tribes, the star quilt is one of the most honored gifts a family can give-a-way or receive. Tribes represented in Montana Star Quilts are the Assiniboine, Sioux and Chippewa of Montana. Lewis and Clark brought the white man to Indian country, missionaries followed teaching the Indians to quilt. Star quilts caught on and have endured throughout the years.

"Montana Star Quilts" features over 90 brilliant full-page, color photos of Indian and author made star quilts. It includes complete step-by-step directions for eleven original star quilts with tips to design your own. 155 pages (90 full color).

A free tutorial for the Fast Star with step by step pictures and instructions is on my blog, here is the link, please enjoy! Fast Star Tutorial

Quilts instructions included are:

  • The Fast Star - a unique Indian star quilt design
  • Eagle Star by Jerry Belgarde pattern (pieces only included)
  • Jami's Star - named for my daughter
  • Jennifer's Star - named for my other daughter
  • Bitterroot Star - named for Montana's state flower
  • Black Butterfly - in honor of a friend
  • Sweetgrass Star - named for my mothers love of the Sweetgrass Mountains in north central Montana, she can see them from her kitchen window 50 miles away
  • Radiant Star -
  • Kaleidoscope Star -
  • Josh's Star - named for my son


Quilter's Critiques

"Oh wow! 'Montana Star Quilts' was definitely worth the wait. What a wonderful book! Star quilts have always been my favorite & will always mean something special to me. I'm always curious about Native American customs & your book helps in informing others of their wonderful customs. Thank you for publishing this book." (Mary T.)

"Your book was well worth the wait. I'm sorry there were so many obstacles, but I'm sure glad you over came them. Thanks for a Wonderful Book" (Eleanor H.)

"I received 'Montana Star Quilts' and am very pleased with it. The Quilts in the book are really beautiful. Thank You!" (Shirley B.)

"...more than I expected. I thought it would be quilts and patterns. But to get the history of them too, is just great. Also the photography is real good. ...I just want to say Thank You in the most sincere way." (Lenore D.)



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